About me

For more than 15 years I worked for a Spanish tour operator as a travel agent that gave me the opportunity not only to do different jobs (from trainee to management) but also to live and work abroad for some years (NYC, London), something I really enjoyed.

In 2011 I decided to move away from the travel industry, learn, train and gain working experience in the field of social skills, in particular communication, one of my natural skills.

By then I had bought a digital drawing board to illustrate some of the manuals that I used in my training sessions (I have always enjoyed drawing). Unfortunately, I found myself housebound due to a medical disability for quite a while. You know the saying, ¨Every cloud has a silver lining “Well, being at home gave me the opportunity to take up on my drawing and after showing my sketches to friends and family, they were very impressed and said I have a talent for drawing. That made me rethink my career, I made some illustrated guides and showed them to people in my network.  And they loved them!

Today, my three passions (humor, illustration and communication) have joined together to create an unique product that I am sure will help you communicate what you want in a very innovative and fresh way.